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Analitika Expo 2022 summary and photo report.


20th International Exhibition For Laboratory Equipment And Chemical Reagents “Analitika Expo 2022” has come to an end.


Right in front of the entrance EKROSKHIM Ltd. stand welcomed its guests with a wide range of laboratory equipment.

A total of 104 participants from Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Germany, Israel, India, China, The United states of America, France, etc. made it to the Exhibition and presented their state-of-the-art equipment.

ECROSKHIM Ltd. at “Analitika Expo 2022” Exhibition:

All four days spent at “Analitika Expo 2022” were lively and brought a lot of communication and prolific conversations between manufactures and their clients (or clients-to-be).

Numerous most relevant industry specific events took place at special public platforms. ECROSKHIM Ltd. were deeply pleased to contribute to a public scientific and cultural development by presenting a newly published textbook written by U.S. Drugov “Applied analytical chemistry”. 

We could not be more glad for the fact that the textbook by U.S. Drugov was met with great enthusiasm and high demand among high-ranking laboratory heads.

Spokesperson for the textbook presentation happened to be our dear colleague Vasily Komlik, who was an editor of “Applied analytical chemistry” and actively assisted in textbook production.

Exhibition bought about many encounters and meetings. EXROSKHIM LTD. employees got acquainted with and had a chance to hold a conversation with an impressive amount of visitors, introduce them to our laboratory equipment, get valuable feedback and discuss the current state of analytical chemistry studies. But most importantly we got development recommendations in the face of sanctions.

This year particular attention was payed at innovative laboratory equipment design, Russian cutting edge materials and solutions.