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Manufacturing of RMs & Consumables

The production of reference materials and consumables at ECROSKHIM Ltd. started in the year 2008 and developed successfully every year. Our products are not only for industrial application, but also find great use in university and school chemical laboratories.

We produce Reference Materials of various powders (Trilon B, sodium thiosulfate, oxalic acid, etc.) and fluids (acids and alkalis, and iod) used in volumetric quantitative chemical analysis.

A highly appreciated place in the list of products claims our buffer solutions, which are available in two different versions.

The first variant is a prepared solutions in polyethylene containers of 0,5 - 1,0 l, intended for chemical and biochemical experiments that require maintenance of constant pH.

The second option - the reference materials for the preparation of buffer solutions pH -Operating standards 2nd category used to calibrate pH meters. The pH values of these solutions are installed with an error not greater than ± 0,01.

Furthermore ECROSKHIM produces volumetric solutions, like acid and alkaline solutions with precisely specified concentration for titration. We meet the great demand of indicator paper for various purposes. Beside the universal determination of the pH in the range of 0 - 12, congo red, litmus (blue, neutral and red), we also provide phenolphthalein, iodkrahmalnaya for the qualitative detection of the presence of oxidising agents in aqueous solutions, detecting the presence of hydrogen sulphide and its salts in water.

We are happy to announce the release of our test paper for strongly alkaline pH measurement field (13-14) in 2016.

The high scientific and technical expertise of our staff is the key of the success and the high quality of this division of "ECROSKHIM" products.