Manufacturing of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments, consumables, certified reference standards and laboratory furniture for ecological, petrochemical, medical, research and school laboratories

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Dear colleagues,

The «ECROS» group of companies was founded in 1990 in Saint-Petersburg. The «ECROS» Group is an innovative technology enterprise in the market of laboratory and analytical equipment. ECROSKHIM Ltd. is a member of the Group, manufacturer of laboratory and analytical equipment, laboratory ware, consumable materials and supplier of «ECROS» Group products for dealers.

We develop components and products from the first idea and initial design, through to engineering, series-production and launching them into the market.

Modern scientific laboratories and highly qualified specialists allow the company to successfully develop and create our products. By now, our team consists of 200 skilled specialists and most of our employees have high education in medicine, biology, engineering and technical sciences.

We are setting priority on good quality products, competitive prices and long-time cooperation with our wide customer basis all over the Russian Federation. Our customers are companies who have laboratories in various industries such as coal and metallurgy, petroleum and refineries, chemical and biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medicine, environmental and food industry.

Our sales network has more than 1000 constantly working dealers and distributors in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries of the CIS.  We are ready to promote every laboratory and analytic product in Russian market.

We are ready to make deliveries not only of our own products, but also products of any other Russian manufacturers. From 2015 we start to develop our dealer network in EU and the Middle East.

Working in accordance to requirements of ISO 9001:2015 the quality of our products contributes to the demands and needs of International and Russian Standards and are encompassing design, development, manufacture and sales.

Furthermore our outstanding cooperation network with plenty of resellers and suppliers of lab equipment gives us important insights and feedback to improve our products continuously.

Today ECROSKHIM LTD is developing its range of analytical and laboratory equipment. We stay in close touch with our customers and trusted partners and keep them up to date about the latest trends and major developments in the sphere of laboratory and analytical devices.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to get a quote,  please do not hesitate to contact us.