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New product - Heating Mantle ESF-4110S


Dear colleagues,

We would like to call your attention to our new development - Heating Mantle ESF-4110S

The instrument is developed in accordance with ASTM 4929 "Standard Test Methods for Determination of Organic Chloride Content in Crude Oil". 

Technical specifications:

-Maximum heater temperature, °С – 400

-Housing material: reinforced fabric E-Glass covered with silicone

-Heating element: fabric fiberglass with nichrome wire

-Flask volume, ml – 1000

-Supply voltage, V - 220-230

-Power consumption, W – 520 (lower half - 380W, upper half - 140W)

-2 heating zones

-Weight, kg - 2.5

It is recommended to use temperature controller ES-2100 (Fabric heating mantles are prohibited to connect to AC power without temperature controller) 


Heating element is placed into fabric surface of heating mantle made of fiberglass which provides the following advantages:

-heating element is not distored

-it helps to avoid heat losses

Price: 1046.00 USD