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New product! 1-propanol and 2 propanol aqueous solutions


Dear colleagues,

We'd like to inform you about new positions in our range of reference materials:

1-propanol aqueous solution RM 11383-2019 

2-propanol aqueous solution RM 11384-2019

Volume (ampule) - 3 ml

Price - 8 USD per ampule

RM of permanganate index PO-EK CRM 11316-20199 (1 mg/cm3)

This CRM is used for:

- measurement accuracy control of permanganate index of natural, sewage and drinking water according to GOST 23268.12-78, GOST R 55684-2013, PNDF 14.1:2:4.154-99

- approval of measurement procedures of permanganate index of water. 

- calibration

Volume (ampule) - 5 ml

Price - 5 USD per ampule